“I have had the distinct privilege of serving with Karin as a Planning Commissioner for nearly eight years and I must say that her dedication and outstanding leadership is unparalleled!   She has unanimously been chosen by her fellow Commissioner’s to serve as their chair year after year and she has graciously accepted to do so.   She cares deeply about doing the best she can for the citizens of Powhatan and I can say without hesitation that her sense of fairness and objective decision making has served Powhatan well!  I have enjoyed serving on Planning Commission and one of the side benefits has been to work and become friends with wonderful people like Karin.”

– David Van Gelder, Colleague from the Powhatan Planning Commission

“I’ve known Karin Carmack for several years as a planning commissioner and as a friend.  Her character, convictions, and communications skills make her an excellent choice to foster collaboration and cooperation within the Board of Supervisors.  Karin is a champion for improving Powhatan’s quality of life and a promoter of its economic potential.”

– Sidney Gunst, Powhatan Citizen

“I have served on the Boards of several non-profit organizations where she has shown she is honest, straight-forward and character driven. She has always demonstrated her love for the County of Powhatan and I think she would be a great asset to the Board of Supervisors. I fully support Karin in her goal to reach this achievement”

– Bobby Fulcher, Powhatan Citizen

“Karin Carmack would be an asset to District 5 as our Powhatan County supervisor.   Mrs. Carmack’s long term position on the Powhatan County Planning commission has given her valuable insight into what is best for the county in the future.

Mrs. Carmack attended the meetings in district 5 supporting the group of residents that were fighting Cartersville Solar 1300 acre solar plant.  Mrs. Carmack was always available and stood behind Powhatan County’s comprehensive plan and voted herself to deny.

We need someone to represent our district that believes in the Comprehensive plan and that wants to preserve the rural integrity of our county.  Mrs. Carmack is that person.  Please join me in supporting her bid for District 5 county supervisor.”

– Terry Adcock, Powhatan Citizen

“Over the past 7 years on the Planning Commission I have worked closely with Karin Carmack – she was the Chair over that period. I have seen, up close, her dedication to sensible solutions for our County’s problems and future, her ability to foster open and productive discussions during our meetings, and most important, make sure that the Planning Commission brought the discussion to a conclusion. The County is better off as a result of her leadership and she will make an excellent Supervisor.”

– Bill Cox, Planning Commissioner / Farmer