Limited Targeted Residential Growth

I will continue to plan for residential growth in appropriate areas and work to reduce the impact on our schools, roads, and community services. It is imperative that we plan appropriately for residential growth – minimizing sprawl and maintaining the rural character we all value.

Economic Development

Currently Powhatan has one of the highest tax rates in the region with an imbalance of 92% being funded by the citizens and only 8% being funded by local businesses. We need to change that and having a strong realistic economic development plan is critical. Being a local business owner, I understand time is money and will work to improve the re-zoning process and Powhatan’s reputation as a business-friendly community. We can have a strong economic base with proper planning for businesses in focused growth areas.

Transparent Cohesive Leadership

Open collaborative communication with my colleagues and citizens is something I have prided myself on as a Planning Commissioner and will continue to do so as a Board member. Powhatan County’s leadership needs to move in a more positive productive direction and operate with an open functional dialog to better serve the citizens.

Our Environment

With mounting pressure to place businesses, projects, and other development in highly sensitive environmental areas, I will continue to fight to protect our rivers and streams, wetlands, watersheds, and other environmentally vulnerable areas. As an avid outdoorswoman, I understand the importance of placing a priority on preserving and bettering our environment. My mantra is “leave it better than you found it”.

Our Schools

Having a quality school system is fundamental to any community. Powhatan currently has excellent public schools as I can attest with two of my children attending both Pocahontas Elementary and Powhatan High School. I will work with the school board on maintaining the quality education that our citizens have come to value and expect.

Parks and Recreation

Healthy thriving communities should have strong Parks and Recreation departments. I believe Powhatan can offer more programs and communal opportunities for all, but especially our seniors and children.


Needs to be a top priority for the Board of Supervisors for the success of our businesses, children and all citizens. We need to have a strategic, aggressive plan for all future infrastructure and development.

Endorsements from the Community

Hear from several Powhatan citizens about why they trust Karin for the Board of Supervisors.

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